Silver Affect garments are Lined with fabric that shields against EMF frequencies, including 5G. Silverell® Silver Jersey Modal fabric is a soft, lightweight, knitted fabric that combines natural Modal fibers with Shieldex® Pure Silver Plated Nylon Yarn. The fabric softness comes from the natural Modal fiber. Modal is a form of Rayon, which is made from natural plant-based materials and is completely biodegradable!

The word 'conductivity' is defined as the degree to which a specified material directs electricity, it can block and/or redirect the flow of electrical currents.  Silver metal is naturally conductive and actually holds the highest conductivity out of all metals. This is why we use 99% Silver weaving in our fabric. Silver is also a well-documented antimicrobial that has been shown to kill bacteria and fungi.      

EMF & RF levels drastically vary in spaces. To test levels in the room and the effectiveness of the garments, obtain a RF meter, these are available at a number of locations and are usually simple to operate. We prefer to use TENMARS TN-195 Meter because this meter is specifically used to indicate electromagnetic pollution generated artificially. Wherever there is a voltage or a current, electric(E) and magnetic(H) fields arise. All types of radio broadcasting and TV transmitters produce electromagnetic fields, and they also arise in industry, business, and the home, where they affect us even if our sense organs perceive nothing.  

The characteristics of electromagnetic fields: 

Electromagnetic fields propagate as waves and travel at the speed of light(C). The wavelength is proportional to the frequency.  ⋌(wavelength) = C (speed of light) / f (frequency) 

The way we measure the effectiveness of the garment, we use the same metrics that determine the power density, which is the power per unit propagation, usually expressed in units of Watts per square meter (W/m2) or milliWatts per square centimeter  (mW/cm2). 



1. Measure the levels of EMF in the current environment within the unit metrics of (W/m2) or (mW/cm2).  Note the reading on the meter.

2. Put the Meter under the garment so the reader is completely covered by the garment. Give the meter 3 minutes to calibrate. Then take note of the drop in EMF levels. Please be patient and give the meter time to adjust to the silver shielding. The meter reads the average and it changes over a duration of time due to devices constantly changing EMF levels based on usage and commands.  


Technology is only speeding up and it's important that we have the proper tools to protect our long-term health. Check out our full selection of protective garments HERE

See the Blog post about "Garment Care" to retain optimal Conductivity while cleaning the garment.