Fabric technology and functionality are the compasses of all techwear. Minimalists and maximalists alike are taken with the variations and proportions of the fashion genre. Fascination with practicality, and the aesthetic that coincides with techwear, brings enthusiasts together. The technicality of modern fabrics used levels with the relevance of the fashionable aspect. While the techwear clothing genre is here to stay style-wise, the actual practicality of the garments and textiles are not overseen by designers and consumers.



Athleisure clothing is a genre of techwear used in most everyday wardrobes. Brands such as Lululemon and Adidas Y-3 are two widely popular brands under the scope of athleisure techwear, worn across the globe. Leisurely and comfortable clothing is now a closet staple, especially after a two-year pandemic. 


                                              techwear shoe

Image Credit: Lululemon x Robert Geller                                                                              Image Credit: Adidas Y-3                            





The use of color, proportions, and cleanliness describes Lunarcore. Think of chunky shoes, neutral earthy colors, and futuristic fabric segments. Techwear’s innovative use of modern textiles contributes to Lunarcore’s futuristic and astronaut-ready look. Wearers appear to have descended from a recent space mission, taking notes from tech mogul Elon Musk’s business ventures.



lunacore techwear outfit


lunacore HAMCUS jacket


Image Credit: HAMCUS                                                                                                             Image Credit: Post Archive Fashion





Base layers, fleece, and rain jackets, reminiscent of a weekend hiking trip, all belong to the Gorpcore subgenre of techwear. Expensive clothing otherwise used for outdoor expeditions is arguably one of the most prevalent classes of techwear. Widely worn by celebrities and people of status, Gorpcore’s influence can be spotted anywhere.



drake wearing techwear


asap rocky wearing techwear

Image Credit: COMPLEX                                                                                                       Image Credit: Advertising Specialty Institute



Tech industry workers, celebrities, and Gen X to millennials are just a few of the categories underneath the techwear consumer and enthusiast umbrella. What all tech wear enthusiasts have in common is their desirability for functional fashion. These individuals are inspired by both success and tech and appreciate the fashion and additional utility that comes with dressing in techwear. All boxes should be checked in terms of the tech enthusiast’s wants and needs. The protection Silver Affect products offer to consumers adds to the already existing functionality, as Silver Affect works cohesively with endless subclasses of tech wear, not limited to those mentioned above.



Image Credit: Vogue                                                                                                

Image Credit: SSENSE




Soft. Strong. Silver.

Techwear combines style and function. Protective techwear builds onto the already multifaceted genre of techwear, and Silver Affect’s fabric serves as protection worthy of a silver spoon. A soft, lightweight, easy-to-sew knitted fabric, Silverell® Silver Jersey Modal fabric combines natural Modal fibers with Shieldex® Pure Silver Plated Nylon Yarn to shield the human body from RF. Our protective techwear gives you a 99.9% reduction in RF exposure, all while contributing to your techwear looks and overall style.



Image Credit: Umicore


An Unprecedented Era

Functional fashion is not recent. Nonetheless, function, fashion, and safety have scarcely been so cohesive. Important people wear important clothing, and younger generations want to make their mark. Silver Affect contributes to your future success within tech, fashion, and self. We know style and protection shouldn’t set back your flair and influence.