Silver Affects garments are Lined with fabric that shields against EMF frequencies, including 5G. Silverell® Silver Jersey Modal fabric is a soft, lightweight, knitted fabric that combines natural Modal fibers with Shieldex® Pure Silver Plated Nylon Yarn. The fabric softness comes from the natural Modal fiber. Modal is a form of Rayon, which is made from natural plant based materials and is completely biodegradable!

     The metal Silver is naturally conductive and actually holds the highest conductivity out of all metals. Which is why we use 99% Silver weaving in our fabric. Silver is also a well-documented antimicrobial, that has been shown to kill bacteria and fungi.

     EMF & RF levels drastically vary in spaces. To test levels in the room and effectiveness of the garments, obtain a RF meter, these are available at a number of locations and usually simple to operate. Turn on the meter and see the level it reads when you activate the device and note the reading.

1. Put on the shielding garment and hold the RF Meter outside the garment and activate your RF source device. Note the reading of the meter.

2. Put the RF Meter under the garment and place your RF source device at approximately the same distance away from the meter and activate the source device and see what the meter reads. 

3. You will begin to see the meter reading drop, hold meter completely under garment your wearing for 30sec-1min to see decreased meter reading. Divide the value obtained on the reading with the RF Meter under the garment by the value of the reading with the RF Meter outside the garment and multiply it by 100 and subtract that number from 100, you will have the percentage of shielding of the garment.


See Blog post about "Garment Care" to retain optimal Conductivity while cleaning the garment.