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Circo High-Waist Leggings :: EMF Protection :: Grey Embossed design :: Black Ribbed Material :: Lined with 99% Silver Modal EMF Protective Material

by Silver Affect

Regular price$420.00 Sale price

Circo High-Waist Leggings :: EMF Protection :: Grey Embossed design :: Black Ribbed Material :: Lined with 99% Silver Modal EMF Protective Material

by Silver Affect

Regular price$420.00 Sale price
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Stylish High Waisted leggings with unique circular design. High-quality organic cotton ribbed shell, lined with super soft material made from 99% Silver. 

This comfortable lining shields against EMF frequencies, including 5G. Silverell® Silver Jersey Modal fabric is a soft, lightweight, knitted fabric that combines natural Modal fibers with Shieldex® Pure Silver Plated Nylon Yarn.

The fabric softness comes from the natural Modal fiber. A Modal is a form of Rayon, made from natural plant-based materials and is completely biodegradable!

The silver content also adds thermal conductivity to garments made of Silverell® Silver Jersey modal, eliminating “hot spots” and “cold spots” by spreading the body heat through the garment, making it comfortable.

The silver high content makes Silverell® Silver Jersey Modal fabric an ideal material to shield the human body from RF that is present in our environment, achieving a Shielding Effectiveness of 35-40 dB from 900 MHz to 5 GHz, giving a 98% reduction in RF exposure while wearing in the 5G-range.

Fabric Composition- 83% Modal and 17% Nylon with 99% Pure Silver knit

Key benefits

Outer layer: 90% organic Cotton, 10% spandex

Lining: 83% Modal, 17% Nylon with 99% Pure Silver knit

Silver is a well-documented antimicrobial, that has been shown to kill bacteria and fungi. So you may not need to wash it as frequently.

It is extremely important that you follow the care instructions to keep the conductivity strong in the lining.

The absolute best way to keep this garment conductive for the longest possible time is to hand wash in room temperature water or spot cleaning as needed and hang to air dry. See “Care” page for cleaning solution recommendations.


Shades, color differences and discolorations are not manufacturing faults and are part of the normal look of the product.

To ensure the product retains its functionality even after several washes, please observe the following care instructions


The product can be washed in a home washing machine at a temperature of 30°C / 86°F more than 150 times. At a washing temperature of60°C / 140°F, it can be washed more than 50 times without any alteration in its specified characteristics. A higher washing temperature is not necessary due to the product’s anti-bacterial characteristics. Do no use disinfectant, cleaning products that contain chlorine, nor any fabric softeners! Dry cleaning will permanently damage the product.

We strongly advise against any kind of bleaching. Please do not use chlorine. The silver coating will be damaged by the chlorine and will lose its functionality.

Use a gentle setting, as the sensitive surface of the product can be destroyed by direct contact with heat.

Iron at a very low temperature without the use of steam.

Only use gentle washing powder!

This Company does not accept any liability for damages/injuries incurred as a result of improper handling or incorrect use. We recommend that customers carry out washing tests according to the product’s specifications. Please note that the surface resistance of the product may change on account of an individual’s sweat composition and possibly also if he or she is taking particular medicines. We can accept no liability for this.

True to Fit.

Extra Long in length

2-way Stretch

Inventory will be available to ship September 1st 2021.

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