How to Naturally Reduce EMF Exposure – Silver Affect

How to Reduce EMF, Naturally.

The electromagnetic field seems to be unstoppable. We love wireless technology and it makes our daily lives easier. Although billions of invisible wavelengths riding the air are constantly moving in our homes, offices and city streets. With the rollout of 5G wifi, also known as the 5th Generation of connectivity, we as humans have never been exposed to this high level of radiation for 15+ hours daily.  Mother nature has already predicted that this could happen and so we are sharing some of the ways to naturally reduce the amount of EMF emissions floating around your space. 

While claims of remedies for EMF exposure circle the web, here are some tried and true ways to naturally reduce EMF in your home and environment.





Certain plants have been found to limit and combat EMF exposure in homes, offices, or anywhere protection is needed. EMF radiation can be absorbed through various plant varieties. Cacti are a great example, as they absorb ambient radiation in the room in which they are situated, including external radiation from sources such as cell phone towers. Other plants known to possess radiation-absorbing qualities include: 




  • Snake Plant
  • Stone Lotus Flower
  • Aloe Vera
  • Asparagus Fern
  • Mustard Greens
  • Betel Leaf
  • Fiddle Leaf
  • Ivy Plant
  • Split Leaf Plant



Providing protection in our spaces can be as simple as a new layer of paint. EMF protection paint is conductive, and as a result, blocks RF & EMF electromagnetic fields. Application of this protective paint is as simple as regular wall paint, and any paint color can be layered over top once dry. 




While not always an option, distance from wireless electronics is a great solution to limit your EMF exposure. When unnecessary to be surrounded by objects emitting radiation, try to keep a good distance or unplug objects to limit unneeded exposure. A simple solution in your home environment is to turn off cellphones and unplug wifi boxes when not in use. 


Clothing Made Using Silver

Silver is the most conductive metal. As a result, it absorbs RF in its surrounding environment. Clothing and fabrics made with real, pure silver give a 99% reduction in RF exposure when worn. Undergarments, such as Silver Affect's ‘conductive gear’ can be easily added to your everyday wardrobe. You can be comfortable knowing you have an extra layer of protection.


In most modern environments, distance from EMF exposure is not an option. Our homes, work environments, and public spaces are engulfed in RF radiation, making our exposure difficult to avoid. The addition of specific plants, paint, and clothing to our everyday environments can aid in improving and protecting our health, without complete loss or distance from technology.