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About Us

Welcome to Silver Affect, where high-fashion meets wellness and sustainability. As a minority family-owned business located in the heart of Los Angeles, California, in the techwear industry of fashion, we're constantly surrounded by technology and an abundance of 5G towers. While working in this environment, we personally experienced symptoms of EMF-Hypersensitivity, like tingling sensations in our hands and persistent brain fog, without knowing the cause.

This prompted us to research the potential impact of technology on health, leading us to discover that prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation from technology can have adverse effects on our well-being. With this newfound understanding, we became determined to find a solution that not only protects us from harmful EMF emissions but also allows us to enhance our style while remaining conscious of eco-friendly practices. This realization inspired us to create Silver Affect Gear, a line of innovative clothing designed to shield individuals from EMF radiation while keeping them stylish and comfortable in today's tech-driven world. 

Our journey with EMF-Hypersensitivity has been challenging, allowing us to comprehend firsthand the unique and often misdiagnosed impact this condition can have on individuals. We recognize that we're not alone in our struggles, as many others have also experienced negative effects from prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

While avoiding exposure to technology altogether is nearly impossible in today's society, we are on a mission to find more and newer ways to mitigate the impact of EMF radiation on our bodies. We're thrilled to share the solutions that have worked for us with others who may be facing similar challenges.

At Silver Affect, we've elevated our mission by infusing style, functionality, and creativity into every piece of our protective gear. Our designs cater to techwear enthusiasts who refuse to compromise on fashion or safety, seamlessly transitioning from office to night-out while keeping you stylish and protected, wherever life takes you. Comfort is key, and our gear is soft, breathable, and feels like a second layer of skin, enhancing your everyday life.

Moreover, we're deeply aware of the potential dangers of EMF radiation from wireless technology. Unfortunately, the government's regulation of these electromagnetic fields (EMF) has not been adequate, leaving people vulnerable to harmful exposures from 5G connectivity and older cellular technology. As time progresses, so does technology and the strength of EMF emissions from our wireless devices are only going to get stronger.

There are over 11,000 pages of documented evidence demonstrating that millions of people across the country and the world suffer from EMF-hypersensitivity sickness due to high levels of consistent exposure. Scientifically proven to cause damage to DNA and cellular/organ systems, electromagnetic pollution is associated with various health problems, including stress, anxiety, and cancer.

Understanding the critical need for protection against harmful EMF radiation, our Silver Affect gear provides a layer of defense, allowing you to stay connected to technology while minimizing health risks. With stylish designs suitable for any occasion, our clothing ensures you feel confident and safe in your daily life.

As part of our commitment to educate and protect, we offer the necessary safeguards to protect your body from RF and EMF wavelengths. By joining the Silver Affect community, you become a part of our family, which prioritizes health as the most valuable asset. Additionally, we actively contribute to environmental sustainability through responsible inventory management practices.

We've made recycling your garments simpler and more convenient as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability. With a free return policy for any item purchased from our website within a year, we also recycle old textiles and offer a discount on your replacement item, expressing our appreciation for your eco-friendly choices.

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Welcome to the Silver Affect family!