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About Us

We are obsessed with great fashion that is beneficial to human health and the environment. As an American women's minority family-owned business, we understand that our health is our greatest asset and the importance of keeping the inside of our body just as clean as our outward appearance. As much as we all love technology and the benefits that come with it, technology is also negatively affecting our long-term health.

Our personal struggle with EMF-hypersensitivity has been a difficult path, and EMF-hypersensitivity affects people in different ways with easily misdiagnosed symptoms. We realized we are not suffering alone. Like most Americans, it is unrealistic for us to live a full life within society without being exposed to radiation from wireless technology. We decided to try ways to reduce the effect of EMF radiation when our body is exposed for long periods of time. We are now here to share the many solutions that work for us. 

We infused style, functionality, and creativity into our protective gear. We provide the official undergarments for techwear enthusiasts and created designs that can easily transition from the office to a fun night out with friends. We also wanted to make sure garments are comfortable and feel like a second layer of skin.

We created Silver Affect gear specifically for technology enthusiasts because all wireless technology emits a flow of electricity within a magnetic field that the government is not regulating close enough. These electromagnetic fields (EMF), combined with the new 5th Generation (5G) connectivity services, are exposing people to over 300 billion millimeter wavelengths per second, in addition to microwaves from older 2-4G cellular technology. Despite widespread denial, as of August 2021, the Federal Communications Commission was found GUILTY of not providing adequate EMF safety guidelines for human exposure. With over 11,000 pages of widespread EMF-hypersensitivity sickness experienced by millions across the country and now across the world, it has been proven that high levels of consistent exposure can cause damage to DNA and cellular/organ systems. There is also epidemiological evidence that the major diseases of modern civilization (stress, anxiety, cancer) are largely caused by electromagnetic pollution.

It is important that the public is aware of ways to manage and measure exposure. We have the protection you need to shield the body from RF & EMF wavelengths. Join the Silver Affect family where we believe in health being the greatest wealth and ensuring we are excellent stewards of the environment through sustainable inventory management practices. 

Do you ever wish recycling garments when done was an easier process?

Every item sold on our site is eligible for a free return after 1-year, we recycle the old textiles and give you a discount on a replacement item as a thank you for being environmentally conscious.

The Silver Affect limited quantity capsule collection is dropping November 2022. Quantities are limited and each item is made and handled with utmost care.

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Welcome to the Silver Affect family!