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The earliest history of the internet can be traced back to 1960 when government researchers used computers to share information. January 1, 1983, is considered the birthday of the internet. Before that, computers did not have a standard way to communicate with each other. The development in technology sped up over time. The worldwide web created the connectivity necessary to streamline all types of content. The internet has evolved significantly over 3 key phases, i.e., the interaction has improved, the flow and access to information have improved. There are both negative and positive aspects of the internet. Like it or not, technology is penetrating deeper into every aspect of our lives, but that doesn't mean it will be ideal forever. 

Once there was a time when the most common method of communication was writing letters, and that used to take days to reach the person. Science progressed over time. Facilitating and speeding up communication. Since the dot-com boom of the 1990’s technology has made our lives easier, giving us the ability to create a global village and allowing us to access endless information. With 5G connectivity now available, it has ushered in an immersive way of communicating, called MetaVerse.  If you are one of those people who wonder what could be the health implications of these technologies on human life, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you all about the MetaVerse and how it can affect the human quality of life and health. 


What Is A MetaVerse?



Meta can be called "Virtual," while the verse is called the "Universe". As a virtual world, the MetaVerse may be described as an extension of the actual world, a 3D environment that can be entered and interacted with. MetaVerse is the current hot topic of the technology world, since 28 October 2021, when Mark Zuckerberg renamed Facebook as Meta. Not only Facebook, but a bunch of other companies has stepped into Web 3.0, such as Epic Games, Microsoft, Apple, to name a few.

Neal Stephenson initially presented the notion of a MetaVerse in his 1992 book "Snow Crash." Even though we still have a long way to go, we can imagine what it will look like when we finally achieve our goal. MetaVerse has not only created potential opportunities for the people but also some hidden risks that will come along with the technology.  MetaVerse in every way is a successful attempt to intervene in the virtual world with the mesmeric reality, to make people able to interact with digital objects just the way they interact with physical world objects.

In many aspects, the MetaVerse mimics the actual world. The fact that it is populated is an essential one. Humans in this virtual world are referred to as "citizens," and they exist in much the same way that we do in the actual world. They, too, go to work, school, and participate in other everyday routines, just as we do in the physical world.

The life expectancy of a citizen in the MetaVerse is far longer than that of a person on Earth. Citizens, on the other hand, may live for decades or even centuries, although the typical human lifespan on Earth is about 70-100 years. This indicates that virtual reality avatars will endure considerably longer than real-life people.

The Virtual Reality Headset is the tool that people will use to enter virtual reality. In this newer reality, people will freely socialize, worship, and collaborate. A permeable boundary will develop between the two realities, which will allow them to navigate in between. Over time the distinction between them will diminish. But what are the implications of this dual reality life? Let’s discuss how the MetaVerse affects human life.


How Does The MetaVerse Affect Human Life?


Positive Effects of MetaVerse

The primary objective of the MetaVerse is to merge the two worlds into each other. It is a completely new concept and perspective of virtual reality. This new technology can change the whole way of human life. As mentioned above, the MetaVerse may have both negative and positive implications on our lives. First, let’s analyze the positive aspects.

1. New experiences and improved connectivity

The MetaVerse will not only give us a newer experience but also increase affordability. The MetaVerse may allow most individuals to virtually experience globe travel, high-quality interactions, concerts, immersive experiences, and sift through massive libraries of knowledge and entertainment based on personal preferences.  We are transitioning from the 2D plane to the 3D interaction plane thanks to the MetaVerse. 

2. New opportunities and possibilities 

The MetaVerse will open up doors to different possibilities and opportunities. It will eliminate many jobs that can be replaced by technology while also adding a broad spectrum of new meaningful career paths. 

3. Education 

The MetaVerse is not restricted to entertainment purposes; rather it will be extended to all the aspects of our lives, including business, marketing, education, etc. The biggest advantage of MetaVerse will be in the education field. The teaching system will be revolutionized because teachers can create a classroom feeling, deeply engage with students individually and collectively. Students can explore global locations and visually learn about history by experiencing it virtually. 

4. Work from home

The work from home mode within MetaVerse will revolutionize productivity and collaboration. Imagine being in a virtual office or lecture hall, able to see around and navigate through this virtual environment in a 360-degree fashion while interacting with life-like avatars of the participants, rather than seeing the rest of the participants on a computer screen communicating through microphones and speakers only. This could be a dream come true for employers and increase accountability for employees. 

Negative Effects of MetaVerse

The advantages of the MetaVerse intrigue us, but we cannot overlook the evil side of the MetaVerse. Let’s look at the negative aspect of MetaVerse, which is more important. 

1. Addiction

As per data provided by Statistics, users between 6-24 years old spend an average of 5 hours each day on social media. People have become badly addicted to social media and mobile gadgets. These facts are alarming. We cannot even imagine the level of addiction with MetaVerse, which is multifold times more immersive than the social media we use today. This can lead to a false sense of self and a need to be engulfed in social media to escape reality. 

2. Physical separation

In a gathering, it is common to see people prefer talking to a person who is thousands of miles away then the person sitting next to him. The MetaVerse will further reduce the interactions in real life rather we will prefer to interact in the virtual world. People will prefer to live in isolation thus increasing physical separation.

3. High risk of EMF exposure

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation is emitted from all wireless devices. According to the National Council for Radiation Protection, consistent exposure to 10 volts of EMF consistently is extremely harmful to human health. However, for MetaVerse to operate at its full potential, a 5G connection is necessary. Thousands of scientists have signed petitions banning 5G from certain neighborhoods until further research is done. In 2021, the Federal Communications Commission lost a lawsuit to the Children's Health Defense for failing to provide adequate regulations on EMF exposure. They presented over 11,000 pages of evidence illustrating widespread sickness with high levels of EMF. Click HERE to learn exactly how EMF penetrates the skin and alters the genetic makeup of our blood cells. Blood cells are critical for the proper function of all organs. EMF sensitivity varies from person to person, those who have severe symptoms suffer from EMF-hypersensitivity. EMF radiation is dangerous for our health especially when we are immersed in the radiation for long periods and/or immune-compromised. The symptoms can affect a person's quality of life. No one wants to feel sick all the time. The amount of EMF radiation that we are exposed to will increase with MetaVerse. This is the biggest threat of the MetaVerse, it is much more serious than the other negative aspects of the MetaVerse. The government currently has no regulations or safety guidelines in place, which means we are responsible for our own health! 

Silver metal is naturally conductive, meaning it can naturally block EMF emissions from penetrating the body. This can be extremely helpful in environments where EMF emissions are uncontrollable. Health is wealth and it is our own personal responsibility to protect the most vulnerable body parts. 

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Even though the fully matured MetaVerse is some years away from us, the actual impacts of this technology are still unknown. We don’t know exactly all the ways MetaVerse will change our lives for the better, and of course, the downside is still unknown. But one thing that can be said for sure is that the risk of EMF from electronic gadgets is real. All electronic gadgets emit an electromagnetic field which is classified as a “Class 2B carcinogen” by the World Health Organization, and mounting research proves the harmful effect of 5G connection; it is crucial to monitor the levels of EMF emission coming from wireless devices and the amount of time these devices are on our body. It is good to use the latest technology but we should take breaks from social media and this illusionary virtual reality and enjoy the real world and people that are around us.