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Collection: Stylish EMF Protective Garments :: Black/Grey Ribbed Collection

Stylish garments that protect the most vulnerable body parts!

Black Organic Cotton ribbed outer layer. Grey embossed detailed stitch design. 

Lined with fabric that shields against EMF frequencies, including 5G. Silverell® Silver Jersey Modal fabric is a soft, lightweight, knitted fabric that combines natural modal fibers with Shieldex® Pure Silver Plated Nylon Yarn.

The fabric softness comes from the natural modal fiber. A modal is a form of rayon, made from natural plant-based materials and is completely biodegradable!

The silver content also adds thermal conductivity to garments made of Silverell® Silver Jersey modal, eliminating “hot spots” and “cold spots” by spreading the body heat through the garment, making it comfortable.

The silver high content makes Silverell® Silver Jersey modal fabric an ideal material to shield the human body from RF that is present in our environment, achieving a Shielding Effectiveness of 35-40 dB from 900 MHz to 5 GHz, giving a 98% reduction in RF exposure while wearing in the 5G-range.

Fabric Composition - 83% Modal and 17% Nylon with 99% Pure Silver knit

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