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emf protective pouch
opened emf shielding pouch
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back of emf shielding pouch
model with emf blocking pouch
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Silver Affect Durable Faraday EMF Shielding Pouch :: Sleek and Lightweight :: Pristine Nora Dell Fabric :: Recycled Polyester Blend :: EMF Shielding :: Blend of Silver, Copper, Nickel

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This hi-tech and easily portable EMF SHIELDING faraday pouch is designed to block  radiation emissions from wireless connections and RF devices.

Its waterproof and rip-resistant outer layer is made of a soft and high-quality polyester blend, and metal plated with copper, nickel, and  99% pure silver.

By placing a tablet, cellphone, and other electronic devices inside this pouch, you are blocking radiation emitted from cellular, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, EMR, EMP and EMF. 

  • Blocks up to 99% of wireless Radio Frequency (RF) and Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation up to 5GHz.

  • From ranges (6GHz - 300GHz) Conductivity slightly decreases although still provides high shielding power

  • High-quality, Soft, Ripstop fabric

  • Spacious enough to include multiple small devices (cell phone, smartwatch, tablet, etc.)

  • Strong VELCRO loop on the back to securely open and close the pouch

Washing/Care Instructions 

DO NOT place in the washing machine. DO NOT submerge in water. 

Wipe down with a clean damp towel. If soap is needed, place the soap on the towel before wiping the bag. 

Use a natural and non-synthetic chemical-based cleaning detergent. Click HERE for a Cleaning Solution recommendation.

Shieldex Nora Dell 

Content Details

Raw Material: 100% Polyamide / Nylon 6.6
Metal Plated:  99% Pure Silver + Copper + Nickel
Shielding Effectiveness 1:  Average of < 87 dB from 0.2 GHz - 2 GHz
Shielding Effectiveness 2: Average of < 80 dB from 2 GHz - 5 GHz
Shielding Effectiveness 3: Average of < 77 dB from 5 GHz - 14 GHz

ONE SIZE Length 11.25' x Height 8.5' when closed
(10.75 when it is open)
Maximum size device: 10.5' x 8.5'

Made in the USA