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mens grey black techwear zip jacket
backshot of mens grey black techwear zip jacket shields against 5G
mens black techwear zip jacket  Silver-lined fabric shields against 5G
backshot of mens black grey techwear zip jacket
mens black grey techwear zip jacket with built in belt
backshot of mens black techwear zip jacket
side shot of mens black grey techwear zip jacket
emf shielding zip jacket worn by model
back shot of mens zip zig jacket
model wearing zig zip jacket

Silver Affect ZIG Zip Jacket :: All Pockets lined with EMF Shielding fabric :: Blend of Pure Copper, Nickel, Silver Metal :: Stylish Grey Embossed Design :: Black Cotton Drill Material

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Our creative fashion-forward Zig Jacket is innovatively designed with a variation of high-quality fabrics. The pockets are lined with a special blend of Silver, Copper & Nickel that shield EMF emissions created by wireless devices. This coat is meticulously handcrafted for durable use, convenient functionality, and great EMF-blocking capability all in one. Its ultra-unique style has 8 pockets total and two of the pockets are detachable with a zipper. It also includes built-in suspender-like straps adjustable for suitable comfort and hands-free carrying convenience. This hi-tech EMF Shielding Zig Jacket offers a sleek, innovative, and comfortable feel while providing that extra barrier of shielding power between you and electromagnetic devices in a fashionable way… Health is the New Wealth!

The pockets are lined with EMF Shielding fabric to help block electromagnetic emitting devices from direct contact with the skin.

Convenient Design: Includes a total of 8 pockets for storing multiple devices. 2 of those pockets are detachable. Includes built-in suspender-like straps that are adjustable for suitable comfort and hands-free carrying convenience.

High-Quality - The Garment is made with wrinkle-resistant Cotton Drill fabric that is heavy-duty, comfortable, soft, durable, stain-resistant and biodegradable (doesn't wrinkle easily).

Design: Made with an intricate custom design that is fashion-forward and not accessible anywhere else

Washing/Care Instructions 

To ensure the product retains its functionality even after several washes, please observe the following care instructions:


Use a natural and non-synthetic chemical-based cleaning detergent. Click HERE for a Cleaning Solution recommendation.

Hand Wash ONLY: Use a large container such as a plastic bin, a sink or a tub etc., and fill it with room temperature water, then pour the recommended amount of detergent into the water and mix well. Next, soak the garment in the water and proceed by using your hands to create light friction in the areas of concern. Lastly, remove the garment from the water, lay it flat, then gently slide the water off from top to bottom with the palm of your hand. DO NOT aggressively wring the garment because it could damage the silver threads if squeezed too tightly for long periods of time especially when wet. Lay flat in a ventilated area to dry.

Follow the directions listed on the detergent for proper use and measurements.  

DO NOT dry clean. Dry Cleaning will permanently damage the item. 

Bleaching: We strongly advise against any kind of bleaching. Please do not use chlorine. The silver coating will be damaged by the chlorine and will lose its functionality.

Ironing: It is best to iron around the pockets and not directly on top of them. 


Only use gentle washing powder!

Product Information: Shades, color differences and discolorations are NOT manufacturing defects and are part of the normal look of the product. For best care and to ensure the product retains its functionality, then please follow the care instructions above.

The manufacturer does not accept any liability for damages/injuries incurred as a result of improper handling or incorrect use. We recommend that customers carry out washing tests according to the product’s specifications. Please note that the surface resistance of the product may change on account of an individual’s sweat composition and possibly also if he or she is taking particular medicines. We can accept no liability for this.

Size Chest
XS 40'
Small 42'
Medium 46'
Large 48'
XL 50'

Total Length: 37'
Width of Detachable pockets: 10.5'
# of pockets: 6 conveniently placed pockets with 2 additional pockets located on the detachable jacket extension

Made in the USA